VACUST Technology


The multiple awarded VACUST patented system is powering more products each day. The VAcuum CUstom Shape Technology has introduced high quality custom fit mass-produced products.


VACUST has multiple advantages over any other custom shape system. The shaping is done in just a few seconds and it can be done more and more times. If your body changes VACUST will change with it.


VACUST can be lightweight, shockproof, thermo-insulated and supportive, all at once. VACUST is the only technology capable of this.


VACUST can work with nylon, fleece, lycra, and neoprene, but the list is much longer.


VACUST is designer-friendly, it can be used with any colour, and it can be adapted to fit every design.


Find out how VACUST works here:

STEP 1: a non-so-common pillow.


This is a VACUST test pillow: it's flexible, soft, and it has its natural shape.

The pillow is filled with small balls which are able to move anywhere inside the pillow.

Now there is air inside the pillow.

VACUST Pillow, Step 1

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STEP 2: so comfortable!


We placed a hand on the pillow, the small balls inside have moved to copy the shape of the hand.

It's not necessary to apply a big pressure, just gently placing the hand on the pillow will do the trick.

The pillow has now copied the shape of the hand, but this is not permanent, the balls are still free to move inside the pillow.


VACUST Pillow, Step 2

STEP 3: air out.


While keeping the hand in position we are pumping out the air from the pillow; as the air decreases the balls lose their freedom, at the end of the process the balls will form a solid block shaped by our hand.

Now there is no air inside the pillow, the copied shape is permanent.

Let's see the result.


VACUST Pillow, Step 3

STEP 4: custom shape.


Without air, the balls inside the pillow are no longer free to move, this allows the pillow to preserve its new shape.

The pillow is now a comfortable, custom-shaped piece.

Whenever necessary, the pillow can regain its original shape by simply allowing the air back in; after that it's possible to copy another different shape.

VACUST Pillow, Step 4

VACUST Innovation


What we just described its a well know behavior, this concept is already being used with the vacuum mattresses used by many ambulances to immobilize the patients, so what's new?


This technology has a big limit: putting the support upright causes the balls to fall down, making the support useless.

VACUST has the solution, VACUST IT'S the solution.


VACUST technology allows to have a custom-shaped piece that keeps its shape even when in vertical position.


The example up there its just one of the hundreds of the possible applications!


technology can be used to produce shockproof reusable packaging, comfortable backpacks, orthopedic supports, and much, much more, up to aerospace applications!


VACUST features are constantly growing, and its performances are always increasing thanks to a never-ending research and innovation process.


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